Mayor and Assembly

Group 6

Pictured from left to right:

Austin Otos, Glen Thompson, Jeremy Bynum, Jaimie Palmer, Rodney Dial, Kathy Bolling, Grant EchoHawk, and Sharli Arntzen

State of the Borough

Each year the Borough Mayor delivers a State of the Borough address to the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce. The address provides information on the Borough’s fiscal outlook, including revenues and expenditures, capital projects and economic development programs. Mayor Dial's April 5th presentation covered the accomplishments of the Borough departments in 2022 as well as the goals for 2023. View the presentation at the following link:

April 2023 State of the Borough Address

Mayor and Assembly Members

The Mayor and seven Assembly members are elected-at-large by the voters.The Assembly, together with the Mayor, oversees the Borough Manager, Borough Attorney, and Borough Clerk.

The legislative power of the Borough is vested in the Borough Assembly. The Assembly establishes policy for the Borough through actions taken at public meetings. 

Regular Assembly meetings are generally held the first and third Mondays of each month. Regular meetings follow a prescribed agenda and Roberts Rules of Order are followed. Special meetings may be called to deal with items of immediate concern. 

The Assembly acts as the Board of Equalization for the purpose of hearing appeals from a determination of the Assessor. The Assembly acts as the Board of Adjustment for the purpose of hearing appeals from decisions of the Planning Commission.

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