Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Public Works is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Borough's GIS system.  Although the GIS system benefits and serves all the Borough Departments as well as the general public, the Public Works Department coordinates and allocates resources that benefit individual Borough Departments.  Data layers maintained and managed by the Public Works Department are:
  • Aerial Photography
  • Buildings Footprints
  • Easements
  • General Cadastral data
  • General Planimetric information
  • Parcels
  • Streets & Street Centerline
  • Topography
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Zoning

Available Maps

To help keep the geographic information system (GIS) viewer working properly we need your help. Please report any issues or problems to the GIS Department.

Please note that the GIS website web address has changed to:

GIS Data
Some GIS layers are available for download though FTP services and other data may be requested by individuals or companies.  Data layers present on the GIS Viewer are available as web map services for those that wish to utilize them.  If you need instructions on how to utilize map service contact the GIS department at (907) 228-6647 or for online help on utilizing ESRI web map services click here.

GIS Data Files