Platting Actions

  1. Abbreviated Plat
  2. Plat Alteration
  3. Preliminary and Final Plats
Abbreviated plats are simple subdivisions involving creation of no more than four lots; provided, that the subdivision does not:
  • Create nonconforming existing structures in relation to minimum setbacks, lot coverage, and other requirements listed under KGBC Title 18 Zoning.
  • Deny adequate vehicle or utility access to and from all lots or tracts created by the subdivision or those adjacent to it.
  • Require the installation of utility improvements or an agreement to construct and install improvements (see KGBC 17.65.130).
  • Alter a dedicated street or other right-of-way or require additional dedication.
  • Deviate from the easement and lot design standards outlined in Chapters 17.45 and 17.50 KGBC.
  • Require an amendment of zone boundaries on the official zoning map.
Application Requirements
The following items shall be submitted to the Department of Planning and Community Development:
  • Platting Action Application
  • One full size copy of the plat.
  • One 11 inch by 17 inch copy of the plat.
  • One electronic copy (PDF) of the plat.
  • No application fee