Utility Hookup Permit

Permit required - Available at the Public Works Office

A utility hookup permit is required by Ketchikan Gateway Borough Code Title 13.05.040 for a water connection and 13.15.040 for a sewer connection before any work on a connection can begin. Public Works has consolidated the permit process to cover multiple connection onto a single permit application, however each type of connection has separate requirements. New construction projects may require a Zoning Permit from the Borough's Planning Department. Please contact the Planning office to verify if you need a Zoning Permit for your project.

Water and Sewer Connections Process and Requirements

In order for the Borough Public Works Department to process a Utility Hook-up Permit application, the following things will need to be accomplished:

  1. The appropriate utility hookup fees need to be paid before work begins or a permit to connect is issued.
  2. A site plan containing all of the specifications of the utility to be hooked up needs to be submitted to Public Works.
  3. After the fees are paid, the site plan accepted, and any special conditions or requirements for the hookup have been addressed, then work can begin for the utility hook-up.
  4. Before the hook-up is complete, the Borough Public Works Department needs to inspect all lines and fittings that have been installed. Inspections can be scheduled by calling 228-6670 or 254-6800.
  5. Once the inspection is complete the Finance Department will begin the billing for the connected utilities.

Important Notice:

All work must be inspected before covering or back-filling of a trench and an inspector must be notified 24 hours in advance. Notice shall be given when work is ready for inspection. All water and sewer connections must comply with Borough Codes and all private utility lines must conform to State Plumbing Codes. Gutter drains, downspouts or storm water collection systems are prohibited from being connected to the sewer system. If work requires activities in a public right-of-way you will need to obtain a Borough Work in Public Places Permit.

** If an inspection does not occur before back-filling and burial of service connections, utility services cannot be turned on and the owner will be required to re-excavate the lines for inspection and the owner may be subject to fines of up to $500 per day **