Community Grants

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Community Grants Program is designed to support organizations, programs, and projects that are an extension or enhancement of current Ketchikan Gateway Borough priorities, objectives and services that demonstrate an areawide need of residents. The Community Grants Program seeks to provide funding in an equitable and consistent manner.

The Ketchikan Gateway Borough accepts applications from organizations seeking funding for programs, projects and/or services that support and promote at least one of the following areas:

  • Animal Protection: Programs and services that expand and supplement animal protection activities offered by the Borough
  • Economic Development:
    1. Programs and services that aid in the development and support of new business enterprises;
    2. Increase workforce availability by providing worker training and education;
    3. Enhance the employability of individuals not presently in the workforce;
    4. Programs that foster greater commercial activity in the Borough.
  • Education: Programs and services that expand or supplement the educational programs of existing schools
  • Recreation: Programs and services that expand or supplement parks and recreation activities offered by the Borough
  • Transportation: Programs and services that expand or supplement transportation activities offered by the Borough

Organizations applying for Borough Community Grants Program funding must provide evidence of a clear and direct link between the funding request and at least one of the five Borough powers that are part of the program.

Community Grants Program funding is for the purpose of expanding the efforts of local nonprofit organizations to support the borough’s objectives and services. The Ketchikan Gateway Borough recognizes the role of these organizations in advancing the above-stated priorities.

A Grant Committee will be appointed annually by the Borough Mayor and confirmed by the Borough Assembly. The committee will be comprised of two Borough Assembly Members and three at-large members of the community. 

For a current list of Grant Committee members, click here.