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How Does Positivity Rate Work & How Does the EOC Utilize Positivity Rate:
Information on Community Testing Sites:

Testing Sites (1)The Airport Traveler Testing Site:Document (1)

Drive-Up Testing On Berth 3 Offers Testing For:

*The COVID-19 traveler testing site located at the Ketchikan International Airport is operated by Capstone Clinic, an Alaskan company. Hours of operation will be generally 8 am to 8 pm daily inside the airport terminal building on the first floor. There will be ample staff to meet each arriving flight.
  • People who have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • People who have had close contact (within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) with someone with confirmed COVID-19.

*Results for traveler tests are expected to be provided within a 48-72 hour turnaround time. The Covid Secure App will continue to be used for screening, testing, and results (through the Alaska Traveler Portal at https://www.alaska.covidsecureapp.com ). Positive and negative test results will be sent via the Covid Secure App with an email to the traveler. Public Health will follow up with a call to the positive person and will proceed with contact tracing. 
  • People who have taken part in activities that put them at higher risk for COVID-19 because they cannot socially distance as needed, such as travel,  attending large social or mass gatherings, or being in crowded indoor settings.
  • People who have been asked or referred to get testing by their healthcare provider or state health department. 

*Vouchers for follow-up traveler tests can be used at the airport or at any participating clinic, including the Berth 3 drive-up testing clinic.  If you do get tested or take an at-home test because you have COVID-19 symptoms or have had a close contact with someone who has it, you should self-quarantine at home pending test results and follow the advice of your healthcare provider or a public health professional.

*Travelers with questions on airport traveler testing can direct questions to:
*Please refer to the dashboard above for the most current information on Drive-Up Testing results. Only positive results will receive a phone call.

*Information about the Alaska Travel Advisories is available at: https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/Information about COVID-19 tests and CDC recommendations is available at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/diagnostic-testing.html#who-should-get-tested

Ketchikan Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Overview

The Ketchikan EOC has been activated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ketchikan under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for managing emergency response activities.  The EOC operates under the Incident Command System (ICS) and includes a coordinated multi-agency response with members from local municipal governments, health care providers, and other local, state and federal agencies.

The EOC meetings are held virtually during the COVID-19 emergency.  A weekly Situation Report is published by the EOC, as well as a weekly media release and additional releases as emerging needs arise.  EOC media releases and situation reports are provided at the links on the lefthand menu. Additional EOC records are available to the public upon request.

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