Ketchikan Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Overview

The Ketchikan EOC has been activated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ketchikan under the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for managing emergency response activities.  The EOC operates under the Incident Command System (ICS) and includes a coordinated multi-agency response with members from local municipal governments, health care providers, and other local, state and federal agencies.

The EOC meetings are held virtually during the COVID-19 emergency.  A weekly Situation Report is published by the EOC, as well as a weekly media release and additional releases as emerging needs arise.  EOC media releases and situation reports are provided in the table below. Additional EOC records are available to the public upon request.

Testing Sites - Berth 3Testing Sites
Drive-Up Testing On Berth 3 Offers Testing For:
The Airport Traveler Testing Site:
-Anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19;-Is Located adjacent to the airport terminal bulding
-Asymptomatic who meet one of the following criteria: Those with underlying health conditions; age 65 or older;-Deplaning interstate and intrastate travelers will go through the screening process near baggage claim
-Health Care Workers; Care Providers; First Responders;
-Those who seek testing related to travel;
-Travelers arriving from means other than commercial airlines at the airport
-If a COVID-19 test is needed passengers will proceed to the testing tent immediately outside of the exit door by baggage claim
Please refer to the dashboard above for the most current information on Drive-Up Testing results. Only positive results will receive a phone call.

Travelers with POSITIVE results will receive a phone call notifying them of the results.  NEGATIVE results are uploaded into the Alaska Traveler Portal with an automated email to the traveler (not a phone call).

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