Revitalizing Ketchikan’s Neighborhoods

“Revitalizing Ketchikan’s Neighborhoods” is the realization of the far-sighted goal of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough to develop a community vision for improvements to the Newtown, Downtown, and Old Town neighborhoods of Ketchikan.  These historic waterfront neighborhoods are impacted seasonally by the thousands of cruise ship visitors sailing Alaska’s Inside Passage.  For the majority of these visitors, Ketchikan’s downtown neighborhoods are the only experience they will have of the community. This underscores the role of these neighborhoods in the community’s destination appeal. Maintaining our attraction as a visitor destination is one of the few things the community can control.  The concepts developed during the public planning process focused on creating a safer and more attractive pedestrian area, enhancing both the visitors’ and residents’ experience of the downtown neighborhoods, and providing access to Ketchikan’s colorful history, culture and natural environment.

Revitalizing Ketchikan Plans