Norman Walker Field

Norman Walker Field, located on Park Avenue and Schoenbar Avenue, across from City Park, is Ketchikan's preeminent baseball field.  The field has two covered grandstands, restrooms, parking, concession stands and is ADA accessible.

In 2023 and 2024, the Borough will commence a complete reorganization and refurbishment of Walker Field.  Work will include:

  • Field realignment
  • Setting a full, High School depth, fixed outfield fence
  • Perform drainage improvements
  • Installation of artificial turf surfacing
  • Construction of all new spectator and user amenities

Work will also include a new Dog Park at the Schoenbar/Park Avenue intersection.

Work continues on Norman Walker Field sitework and turf installation process. This project has two components: the sitework awarded to Dawson Construction in the amount of $2,265,958.00, and the acquisition of various materials (e.g. chain link fencing, capping rock, etc.) and installation of capping rock, lighting, and turf from FieldTurf USA in the amount of $2,727,636.47.  

 Dawson Construction’s work continues:  

  • The surrounding sidewalk is approximately 65% complete: remaining areas are along the outfield fence near the KPU substation due to two factors. The first is delivery of 42” water mains to extend a blanked segment of KPU’s raw water main for future replacement of ductile iron piping running beneath the field surface.  The remainder was replaced last year with HDPE, but a 40’ segment remains beneath the field’s surface.  This area also requires an approximate 8’ tall retaining wall: footings have been formed and reinforcing steel is in place.
  • Field subgrade has been established with roller compaction consistently underway and disallowing heavy equipment (save for concrete trucks) from traversing the field surface. Their goal is to allow the field to “heal” as much as possible prior to placement of the 6” drain rock lens slated for delivery circa-November 8th.
  • The former little league grandstand and Harry Ludwigsen concessions stand were demolished on October 31.  This area is slated to be a dog park, as the field surface will no longer be available for people to run their dogs.
  • Partial demolition of the greenhouse has been accomplished to provide space for sewer and water replacement to the Quonset hut and provide for future extension to a new grandstand/restroom/concessions structure.  Separately, Public Works staff is currently reframing the remainder for use as dry storage and a finishing room. 

FieldTurf’s work to date has primarily been the installation of electrical conduits and facilitating the light pole base installation with Dawson Construction. The highest risk excavation on the project, in front of the existing Sr. League restroom, was completed by Dawson Construction during the week of October 23, providing sufficient depth to install a light pole footing behind a retaining wall between the restroom and the field surface.  Otherwise, nearly all materials save for the cap rock and turf have been delivered to the site.

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