Ownership & Name Changes

Ownership Changes                                    

The transferring of Title to property from one ownership to another requires recording a Deed.  A Warranty Deed may be done when an owner guarantees, through a title report, that he or she holds clear title to a property.  A Quitclaim Deed is often used by owners transferring title without use of a Title Agency; by those transferring a partial interest in the property, or by those who need to reflect a name change such as through marriage, for example.

Recording a deed is best handled through a Title Company.  For those doing their own deeds, deed templates are often available online or at office supply stores. The deed must have the names and addresses of both the current ownership and the new ownership, and the legal description of the property. The legal description may be found on the most recent deed or plat. Recording services and more information are available at the Borough's Planning and Zoning department.

It is important to note that the Borough is not responsible to verify the legality and recordability of your document and does not provide legal advice. Minor mistakes in the completion of your forms can have serious legal consequences or delays.  Document preparation requirements remain consistent with state requirements and can be found on Alaska's website    

Name Changes                                    

Name changes due to marriage or divorce can be made to Borough Records may be made without recording a deed.  These changes will only apply to Borough Records and will not change the legally deeded ownership.  To reflect a name change a copy of the Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree granting a name change will need to be submitted.